Common Errors in Form 128 – Date

All limited liability companies are required to file, among other documents, an annual return at BRELA. This return is referred to as the Form 128 in forms schedule under the Companies Act, 2002.

Brela Reminder and Warning

A lot of companies have been facing additional costs in having to re-file returns of previous years due to errors in the previous forms. A long list of companies that have failed to file returns was recently published by BRELA.

The most common of errors has been the date to which the form is made up-to. Many companies were making their forms up-to the end of their accounting period. For most companies in Tanzania, this tends to be 31 Dec.

The Companies Act, 2002, however requires the Form 128 to be made up-to the date of its incorporation each year. This is the date that is printed on the Certificate of Incorporation.

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